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How To Crash Anyone’s Skype Instantly


We all know Skype, most of us love Skype and today, I’m with a new and working trick that lets you crash anyone’s Skype almost instantly. This will work on any users who are using a PC but not a Mac. This nifty little trick is not going to get patched any soon as well. So here is how to do it.

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How Good Is Your Password ? A Guide to Securing Your Password

Hello members,
Just wanted to make a cool thread
Written Out Completely by me .
So here you can check your password strength by summing up the points you receive in each category.Good luck.
First lets see how good your password is !
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12 Search Expert Tricks to search the Web more effectively

Hey guys…Its been some time since i posted something.So here is something usefull for you.This will help you google search anything you want more effectively and better search results.Hope this helps 🙂

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