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Lost Your Laptop? How to track Stolen Laptops

Ever lost your laptop, phone, tablet? Are you still searching for your lappy? Well here is a program that will, from now on, protect you 100% from laptop/phone theft. Install this on your laptop and you will never ever lose it again. Continue reading this to learn how to make yourselves 100% secure against theft.

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How To Crash Anyone’s Skype Instantly


We all know Skype, most of us love Skype and today, I’m with a new and working trick that lets you crash anyone’s Skype almost instantly. This will work on any users who are using a PC but not a Mac. This nifty little trick is not going to get patched any soon as well. So here is how to do it.

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How Hackers Hijack your PC

Malware is usually very specific in what it does to your PC, whether that’s displaying ads, taking over your browser homepage and search bar, or nagging you to pay for some fake anti-virus. Hijacking however is potentially far more devastating, giving the hacker backdoor remote access to your entire PC.

This is the holy grail for how hackers hack, so it’s important to understand how it can occur and what you can do to protect yourself.
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Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Android Malware-Free

While it’s true that Android is a little more susceptible to malware attacks than iOS, the situation isn’t nearly as bad as Apple would have you believe. With a little knowledge and a sprinkling of common sense, you can make your device impervious to even the most dastardly of digital assaults. Here’s how.
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How To Become Secure Online : A Comprehensive Guide

Privacy has become something very important to people using Internet these days. The more we do online, the more trails we leave behind. There are lots of private companies tracking every movement, keystrokes, websites you visit and the people you communicate with online. These companies often sell this information to law enforcement agencies or the government for legal affairs. Day by day more sophisticated tools and methods are being discovered to track your activities and the entire scenario has become very sophisticated. So it is very important for one to keep his privacy and stop third-parties from intruding into their activities. In this article, we will learn about various methods by which you can become secure online and mask your activities that you do not want the world to know.
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Tutorial: How to Crack a Program/Reverse Engineering

Greetings to all,

I have collected a few tutorials, that guide you through cracking programs and applications. All cracking tools are provided, as well as the target programs. They cover the absolute beginning to the more advanced.
They are old, but perfect for someone who wishes to get Into the scene, then can further their skills via their own volition.
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Tutorial: How To Jailbreak Microsoft Surface & Other Windows RT Tablets

You heard it right – the jailbreak for Windows RT is finally here! While the jailbreak method itself was initially found a few days back by XDA member clrokr, it was by no means an easy task for an average Joe to use it, as it involved manually overriding kernel code in memory. Thanks to another XDA veteran netham45, we now have a much easier solution in the form of RT Jailbreak Tool that makes the jailbreak process simple for everyone. With Microsoft Surface already out there and several other Windows RT tablets being released these days, this is definitely a breakthrough development and might even trigger more sales for the platform, especially among enthusiasts and power users. Such an opportunity would open the gateway for the homebrew community to build unsigned desktop apps for Windows RT devices but as of now, the main purpose of the jailbreak is to allow users to run ports of existing desktop apps compiled for RT’s ARM architecture.
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