Cracking Tutorials / Reverse Engineering

Greetings to all,

I have collected a few tutorials, that guide you through cracking programs and applications. All cracking tools are provided, as well as the target programs. They cover the absolute beginning to the more advanced. They are old, but perfect for someone who wishes to get Into the scene, then can further their skills via their own volition.

** Serial Fishing
** Internal Keygen
** Unpacking & Patching
** Unpacking & Patching (A more complex case)
** Inline Patching
** Packers Theory
** Cracking Lost Marble’s Moho
** Breakpoints Theory
** Defeating Magic Byte Protection
** Anti-Tampering Techniques Theory

** Olly Dbg v1.1
** Olly Dbg Plugins
** Diablos 2002 Unversal patcher
** Hex Workshop v3.2
** Import reconstructor v1.6
** PEID v0.94
** Hex Workshop v4.3
** W32Dasm Disassembler/Debugger
** Armadillo Unpacker

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the cracking tools, some Antivirus software may alert. If sceptical, run In a VM or Sandboxie, but the tools are clean.


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