Tutorial: How to Hack Webcams Easily | A guide to hack unsecured webcams

Hello all,
It’s been sometime since I’ve posted something and so I’ve decided to post something that everyone single one of you will like. That is, how to hack webcams easily. You can hack any unsecured webcams using a simple program which I’ll be giving out to you, for free! Follow the instructions to learn how to hack webcams.

The program to hack webcams: Shodanhq

Aeonsofts Shodanhq Webcam Hacker Helper is a powerful bot where users can find and explore unsecured webcams automatically.Basically what is shodanhq?its called google of hacker.Shodanhq . com is a website which allows user to find and exploit online unsecured webcams.[Also many other services are available from shodanhq, leave that].Aeonsofts Shodanhq Webcam Hacker Helper helps user to find unsecured online webcams with a single click.These cam’s may be located in clubs,pubs ,shop’s or even on large industries.

This is how the program looks like:

I’ll also include a virus scan for all those who are still afraid I’ll endanger you.





The program is completely self explanatory. All you gotta do is download and follow the instructions. As soon as you run it, you will be able to use it. It has tutorial inside if you encounter any problems. Leave a comment if you’re having trouble using it. Thanks for reading my post.



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