Enumeration & Its Basic Terminologies


Hello all users, in this post we will learn what the enumeration is and the short description of basic terminology used in enumeration, it’s not a detailed tutorial which won’t beat you around the bush. In this post I want to make the topic as short as possible and easy to understand, in case you don’t know some of word I used here, I’ve provided the Wikipedia reference link for that. So lets read.

What is Enumeration ?

It is process of identifying potential user account that can be used for hacking target system. It is not compulsory that you must get administrative account because in most of the cases privileges of a normal account can be raised to make it super user thus granting him administrative privileges therefore enumeration phase is also known as escalating privilege phase. It may also include identification of devices and shared files and folders.


Better known as Network Basic Input Output System it provides services to OSI model(specially session layer) allowing several computers to communicate in Local Area Network (LAN). Main services of NetBIOS includes registering a group name from computer connected in LAN and making them communicate with other computers in LAN and share devices.

Network Shares Or Just Shares:

It means any device or file that is connected in network for sharing. It may include file, folders, hard disks, printers etc. Shares play important role in remote system hacking, so information about shares can help you escalate privileges.


Better known as Simple Network Management Protocol used for managing different devices on network. It may include hubs, switches, routers, printers, hard disks, computers, servers etc.


Better known as Server Message Block is Microsoft’s protocol defined for sharing file and printing services. Though protocol is old it is still used in most of the systems.

Null Session:

It is process in which a person can log into computer without user-name and password. Though this situation is very rare today we will just have our look on it. NetBIOS null session is vulnerability found in Common Internet File System(CIFS) or SMB due to which a hacker can access computer or device without account and password. Once Null session is got we can find users, devices and policies defined for network.



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