[MEGAPROJECT]Malware Removal Guide : Part I [HQ][DETAILED]

Malware Removal Guide : Part I


I am crackhackforum and i have decided to make a serious of tutorials,probably 4 ,through which i will be covering all aspects related to removing a malware from your PC and keeping it completely safe.

Malware Removal Guide for Windows

If you think your PC is infected by a virus/malware/trojan, this guide will help you to remove it efficiently.If you follow these instructions carefully ,you can easily make your computer safe and secure.

Disclaimer: This malware removal guide is intended to be used as a self-help guide. It is not a substitute for professional malware removal.

Please make sure you have a backup of all necessary files before proceeding to the guide.
How to Backup Data ?


In some cases,you will need to do a full system re-install to clean your PC.
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This guide will be having 3 more parts.
Please PM me for any help regarding this Topic.


Preparing your PC for Removal.
Removal Process.
Scanning Remote Rootkits.
Sanning for Malicious Softwares.
Scanning using an AV software.
Additional Tools for Malware Removal.

Preparing your PC for Removal

1.Boot your PC in Safe Mode (This is not compulsory)
If your computer is infected by a malware that does stuffs like blocking internet access or preventing certain programs from being opened,you need to boot in safe mode since most malwares cannot run in safe mode.

To boot in safe mode,Restart your Computer.
Press F8 while PC reboots before the windows logo appears.
Choose Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter.

Note : If you are having problems booting in safe mode,try fixing the problem using Safemode Fixer

2.Remove any potential Malicious Process
If you cannot open any programs (.exe) in safe mode ,use the guide in this spoiler :
Spoiler (Click to View)

3.Fixing any Internet Connection Problems

Some malwares will mess your Internet settings by turning on Proxy Settings and it hijacks windows DNS Cache which may cause loss of internet Connection.
To fix this,follow these steps :

Download MiniToolBox
Check these boxes : Flush DNS, Reset IE Proxy Settings, Reset FF Proxy Settings
Close any open browsers before doing this.
Now click Go.

Step 1 – Scanning Remote Rootkits

So first you need to scan remote rootkits before using any other tools.
A rootkit is malicious software that hides itself from Windows and anti-malware software.
Kaspersky TDSSKiller is a free rootkit removal tool that is designed to remove the TDSS rootkit. This rootkit downloads other malware, redirects Google searches, and prevents programs (exe files) from opening. TDSSKiller will also detect and remove other rootkits, such as the ZeroAccess rootkit. TDSSKiller is easy to use and requires no installation.

Download : TDSKiller

Here are the instructions to use the program :

Open the program
Click Start scan
In any malicious items are found , Click Cure or Delete.
Once all things are neutralized,close the program.

Sanning for Malicious Softwares.

Most malware removal tools do not remove the malwares 100 %.So you always need to use more than 1 tool to remove any malware.
I will list some great free tools that help you remove some common malwares.
But make sure of these before you use them :

Make sure the scanners are updated.
Disconnect from Internet to block Malware sending data.
Close any unwanted or background programs while scanning.
Always restart PC after scanning.

The free tools are :

MalwareBytes AntiMalware
HitmanPro 32Bit
HitmanPro 64Bit

Step 3 – Scanning using an AV software.

If these malware removal tool did not help you,you may need to use Anti Viruses to do the job more efficiently.
If the tools did not help you remove the tools,you can use these programs,else skip this step.

Note : Please make sure the detected files are not false positives by scanning the suspicious file at either Virustotal or Jotti’s Virus Scan.

If you do not have Any Anti Viruses ,download some free one’s like :

Microsoft Security Essentials

After the Process

1.Remove Temporary Files
Remove any Temporary Files in your PC manually or by downloading CCleaner.

2. Change Passwords
Some malware will steal your personal data such as passwords, emails, and banking information. Change all your passwords immediately, especially if you do any banking or other financial transactions on the computer.

Your PC must now be free of Any potential danger.Its completely clean and secure.

Additional Free Malware Removal Tools

Kaspersky Malware Removal Tool
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Windows Defender
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Bitdefender Bootkit Removal Tool
Rogue Killer
Ultra Virus Killer
Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility (SARDU)
Process Hacker

Stay Tuned For Part 2 of my Guide.
Hope my thread Helped You
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