How Good Is Your Password ? A Guide to Securing Your Password

Hello members,
Just wanted to make a cool thread
Written Out Completely by me .
So here you can check your password strength by summing up the points you receive in each category.Good luck.
First lets see how good your password is !

How long is your password ?

Less than 5 chars > -5 points
Greater than 5 > 10 points
Greater than 15 > 20 points
Greater than 30 > 50 points

Does your password contain both Uppercase and Lower Case letters ?

Yes 20 points
No -5 points

Does your Password contain Numbers ?

Yes 10 points
No -10 points

Does your password contain Symbols ?

Yes 10 points
No 0 points

Does you password contain Symbols or Numbers in between the password ?

Yes 15 points
No -5 points

Does your password contain consecutive Uppercase/Lowercase characters or numbers ?

Yes -10 points
No +15 points

Calculation and Analysis

Total points out of 120

Total points Less than 30 : Very Weak Password
Total Points Greater Than 50 : Decent Password
Points greater than 80 : Strong Password
Points greater than 100 : Exceptional Password
Points = 120 : You’re Invincible ,Congrats

How to have a Secure Password

Use Both Uppercase and Lowercase letters.
Mix the Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.
Use Symbols and Numbers in between.
Never use a dictionary word as your password.
Never use any real life details like Birth date,your name,school,gf name etc as password.
Make sure its a long password with atleast 20 characters.Greater than 30 is the best.
Constantly Change password if you’re a frequent Internet user,atleast once in 2 weeks.
Never use same password for different accounts.All your passwords must be different.
Use Punctuations in between.
Don’t use any number of word sequences like 1234 or qwerty.
Never allow the Auto fill Password feature on any browser or website.
Never use sample Passwords that you gain from the Internet.
Make your passwords easy so that people viewing from behind the shoulder cannot guess it .

Please know that its completely written and laid out by me.So please appreciate my efforts.
Thanks. Hi


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