Dual Boot Windows 7 with Backtrack 5

Hey guys,

In this tutorial i will teach you how to have backtrack and windows 7 at the same time on your pc.

So before you start anything,take a backup so that nothing is lost even if some damage occurs.

  • Let’s run through the installer step by step:
  • We select our language, in this case English and then click the Forward button.
  • Here we select out geographical location (The Region and Time Zone) and click Forward.
  • Chose your keyboard layout. We are going to leave it the default which is USA and click Forward.
    • Now it’s time to partition the Disk, for a quick and successful dual-boot install we will choose the Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup option and hit Forward..
    • After that we must confirm the changes that will be made to your disk.
    In this screen we are able to check our install options, check them to make sure everything is right than click “Forward”.
    WARNING: When the installer reaches 99% the process might take some time so DO NOT panic, wait about 10-15 minutes.
    Hit the Restart Now button, and enjoy Backtrack!
    When the computer will boot, you will be given a choice to boot Backtrack or Windows.
    • After the reboot, you can log in with the default username root and password toor. Do not forget to change this default root password by issuing the passwd command.
    • As you can see the splash screen disappeared after the reboot. In order to fix it just run fix-splash, and the splash screen will appear on the next boot.

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