In computer science and information theory, data compression, source coding or bit-rate reduction is the process of encoding

information using fewer bits than the original representation would use.

Compression is useful because it helps reduce the consumption of expensive resources, such as hard disk space or transmission

bandwidth. On the downside, compressed data must be decompressed to be used, and this extra processing may be detrimental to some applications.

UHarc is a high-compression 386+ DOS and Windows file archiver with multimedia support. It is written by Uwe Herklotz and is

available in binary form, free only for non-commercial use. Memory requirements depend on the compression method used.

Things needed
Uha.dll : https://hostr.co/ItKDz2xOPilS
>>A file to compress<<

The Process
First go and download Uha.dll file
Paste it on the folder where the file to compress exists.

Open up notepad and paste the following :

@echo off
ren uha.dll uha.exe
uha.exe a -m3 -r -pf -o FILENAME.arc LOCATION
ren uha.exe uha.dll

Now replace the “filename” with the a name that would be the name of the compressed file and “location” with the location of the file that you want to compress.The file format must be given while typing the location.In my case, “Aero Smith – Crazy.mp3”.So it would look like this :

Now go to File > Save as > setup.bat or something.bat and save it.

Now Open the newly created .bat file.The setup will start to compress the file.

Now you will see that a new filename.arc file is present at that folder.

Now right click on the setup.bat file and choose edit.And then in the third line,erase everything except the “uha.exe” and replace it with “x -y song.arc”.So it would look like this :

Now save the file

Now you can just delete the original file and save the compressed file.Anytime you want to uncompress,just double click on

the setup.bat and it will automatically extract.

Thanks for reading



  1. Dipendr Awasthi

    uharc.dll file is not extracted in windows 7 64 bit environment, I’ve been trying for several days for this, buy that is not working, pleez sir help me 😦

    1. rain112 Post author

      Hm..Sorry..But i tried it on windows 7 just now and it is working.Try running it on compatibility mode for xp.It might help.Good luck !

      1. rain112 Post author

        Like I said, you have to give full priority to the program and need a good CPU which has nice specs to get good compression ratio. Try giving full priority to Uharc on Task Manager.

  2. redace

    after i save bat file and whn i open it its open and shut within a second no i dont know wat to doplz help me

    1. rain112 Post author

      Please make sure the code that you have entered is correct. I am pretty sure the window closes by itself since the code you have entered at some point is different. Good luck

  3. Alls Singh

    sir link is again blocked and also is it possible to compresse 8 gb game iso to compresse it? if 8 gb not possible then what about breaking 8 gb iso into 2 gb parsts with hj split and then compressing each part with uha.dll and then for use will it be possible to extract them all properly and combine them back with hj split to get the iso of 8gb game iso properly without any trouble? with intel i3 and 4 gb ram? plz respond sir!

    1. Rain Post author

      First of all, thanks a lot for dropping a comment. And about compression, it’s always better to compress the files after extracting the ISO. Since ISO’s are already packed efficiently, it’s hard to compress it. Still you can give it a go. I would recommend using a different program like 7Zip with Ultra compression mode selected for compressing ISOs directly. I’ve reduced about 6GB to around 400 MB using this method. It is always better not to split ISO’s since there is a heavy chance for it to get corrupted since it’s already crypted. And yes, i3 with 4 GB ram is well enough for a good compression. I managed to do the 6GB – 400 MB compression with just 512 MB of RAM and Pentium 4 processor back in those days. Good luck!

      1. Rain Post author

        Extremely sorry. This time, I’ve updated with a link on a new host and can assure you it won’t go down. Thanks 🙂

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