Latest Invention: Camera that Sees Hidden Things

Hello everyone..Today im coming with an interesting topic.Something regarding the latest technologies.Just read and enjoy 🙂
Dr. Reza Zoughi, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology together with his colleagues managed to develop a patented camera that works similar to body scanners used at airports.

The invention uses microwave and millimeter signals to scan a certain material or structure with picture reproduction at the rate of 30 images per second.
All the signals sent by the camera are received by a laptop that then plays the pictures in real time. The camera features a battery similar to those used in laptops. The battery allows the device to work for hours.
It is worth mentioning that the invention can be used for different purposes, includinginspection of aircrafts, thermal insulating materials inside the spacecrafts and also in the medical field where specialists can use it to scan for cancers for example.
In addition, the device can be used in detecting illegal movements of products in airports and other places.
It would be interesting to note that the camera has been a long term goal for Zoughi, who started thinking about such device back in 1998. He is now working on a number of improvements, one of which would allow the camera to generate 3D/holographic real-time images.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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