How to delete autorun.inf from your pc without any antivirus

Hello again Everybody…..

Today we know that autorun.inf is one of the most spreading and most annoying viruses out there.It’s almost impossible to delete them manually since they will spread themselves within milliseconds to everywhere in the computer.So i will teach you how to remove this deadly $^%$^ virus in seconds.

Here is it

Step 1: First open notepad

Step 2 : Copy and paste this :

tskill ctfmon

attrib -s -h -r c:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r D:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r E:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r F:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r G:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r H:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r I:\autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r J:\autorun.inf

del c:\autorun.inf
del d:\autorun.inf
del e:\autorun.inf
del f:\autorun.inf
del g:\autorun.inf
del h:\autorun.inf
del I:\autorun.inf
del J:\autorun.inf

attrib -s -h -r c:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r D:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r E:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r F:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r G:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r H:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r I:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
attrib -s -h -r J:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe

del c:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del D:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del E:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del F:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del G:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del H:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del I:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe
del J:\Recycled\ctfmon.exe

attrib -s -h -r “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ctfmon.exe”
del “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ctfmon.exe”

tskill explorer

Step 3 : Save this file as filename.bat  .You can give any name but it must have the extension .bat.

Step 4 : Save it somewhere on the computer and just run it.

Step 5 : Enjoy your pc!!!

If  you have any doubts,contact me at


Thanks for reading



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