How to create Torrent

As a computer guy , on the way to crack , what if you dont know how to create a torrent? it is so bad since its one of the basic things you must know.

So i will teach how to make torrents easily step-by-step

  • Step 1 : Click on file on utorrent and click create new torrent (If you dont have utorrent and dont know much about utorrent,read utorrent blog

Step 2 : Select the file which you want to upload by clicking on add file or add directory if you want to create torrent for a folder and then click ok.

Step 3 : Give the tracker for the site you are going to upload the file.For example if the site is , you will give the tracker as can find the tracker for each site on that particular site.

Check the box private torrent if you want to keep the torrent private.Then click on create and save as button and save the file to anywhere in your computer.

Step 4 : Upload the torrent file to any torrent sites likes piratebay.There are options to upload the torrent.

Step 5 : After uploading the torrent, go to the site and download the torrent again.Open it with utorrent.Right click on it and click on advanced ,click on set download location.

Select the folder where the original file is located and click ok.

Right click on the torrent file again and click on force re-check

Now you can see that the torrent file will be seeding.

Thats it.Now you have completely made a torrent and uploaded it.Thanks for reading.See you next time and dont remember to seed always in the way of the cracker


If  you have any doubts,contact me at


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